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I never got money in my life, have some friends who give me the cash and pay me some time so that I can live properly. One fine day all my friends refused to pay me, I got lost for everything that time I get into the Illuminati, now my business running around the globe and I am the one who pay many people every month this makes my life changed totally.

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Rules To Follow:

  1. Never to make good on any government or any organization system
  2. Always follow this group and have faith in it
  3. Should know about the guidelines of this system and follow them
  4. Must understand that all the humans are one family and all are brothers and sisters
  5. Always wear the gold pendant of the family of Illuminati, which has an eye in the center and a circle around it.
  6. Always follow Illuminati from your heart and faithful to the Illuminati family.

Step by step instructions to Join Illuminati

  • Illuminati Symbols Explanation:
    • The eye symbol shows the inside it explains Illuminati knows everything
    • The huge triangle symbolizes the Triangle symbol it implies three layers of society and development course.
    • The round on the top of the circle symbolizes endlessness and everlasting development under the Illuminati control
    • Start around the light shows the Light symbol which shows the gainful goals of the Illuminati
    • All symbols together command over the world and solidarity
    • Rundown of the Illuminati convictions
    • God and Satan
    • Bounty and money
    • Esteem and trade
    • The Illuminati age
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